Business feng shui

Business Feng Shui service 商业 宅命风水佈局

Why top companies in Singapore engage Feng Shui Master Chan 曾 for business feng shui service for their already successful business? 

  • To improve sales and profits further by activating quality wealth sector
  • To enhance Corporate Branding & image
  • Raise harmony & productivity for better staff cohesion, health & retention
  • Boost customers’ experience, retention and loyalty

business feng shui serviceWhat is Business feng shui consultation

From feng shui perspective, every individual office possess it’s own unique Destiny energy signature. The objective of business feng shui is to invite & retain positive vital energy 生气 ” in your office. By optimising “Vital Energy” in your workplace, it will re-energize your business and make it resonate with success.

A typical Office Destiny Vital Energy Chart will look like the one above. Office Energy chart is like birth chart of a person inborn with the premise. Office feng shui is how we reduce the negatives and enhance the positives to your advantage.

Master Chan Office Feng Shui methology

Quick results 时间 空间 的互动

Today, we live in rapidly changing times. Businesses need to adapt, grow and compete on a global stage. Speed & Change is the new norm. Therefore the final tweak to office feng shui is to integrate annual feng shui for rapid results.

What to expect onsite

The onsite visit is divided into 2 parts. Feng shui and bonus bazi tips. We will do the feng shui walk-through together and explain energy of each sector with solutions. The entire consultation will take up to 1.5 to 2 hours.

Business feng shui info Needed for Quotation 

Company Name, size of office, address and contact person / mobile number

Details needed prior to onsite visit

  • Any other specific objective you wanted to achieve
  • Office Floor plan.
  • 3 personnel of your choice providing DOB with time, name, gender for Bazi Bonus tips
  • If you are the owner of the premise, the Year & Month of Shift-in.
  • If you are the tenant, the Year that your landlord did a major renovation or date of purchase

Payment Terms:
Cheque payment is not accepted
Local payment: Pay Now or Pay Lah to my mobile no: 9071 2121 or iBanking transfer
Overseas: Paypal to my email account

What clients review about master chan feng shui service

Edward Nio and Kevin Teo

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