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Business Feng Shui service 商业 风水佈局

business feng shui service

Business feng shui is an organised Chinese metaphysics system to attract, harness & optimise “Positive flow of Office Destiny” energy in the workplace. It manages the interaction of time时间, space 空间 and (matter) energy 气场. This is to recreate a harmonious relationship between Heaven 天, Earth 地 and Human人. In order to enhance your business feng shui further, Master Chan’s service also includes bonus bazi tips for 3 Key personnel and selection of auspicious for renovation & shift-in.

Above is a typical Office Destiny Energy chart. Energy is invisible like wifi signals and it affects all personnel in an office.

Happy employees make Happy customers

By activating positive energies  of stars & palaces and neutralise any undesirable energies the consultation will improve your sales, revenue and profits. Furthermore the positive working environment created will boost employee performance & retention because we know happy employees make happy customers.

The office feng shui recommendations can be as simple as arrangement of desks to face entrances or placing water or plants or tweaking employee movement to enhance the harmony of 五行 5 Elements, 阴阳交媾 Yin Yang,  动静 active-passive etc

Master Chan Business Feng Shui methodologybusiness feng shui

Onsite visit

The onsite visit is divided into 2 parts. Feng shui and bonus bazi tips. We will do the feng shui walk-through together and energy of each sector will be explained to you with solutions. The entire consultation will take up to 1.5 to 2 hours depending on the size of your office. A customised copy of the feng shui report will be given to you within 3 business days. Bonus bazi tips will not be in the report because it is spontaneous.

Quotation for office feng shui

Company Name, office size, address, contact person & mobile number

Information required before visit

  • Any specific objective you wanted to achieve
  • Office Floor plan.
  • 3 personnel of your choice providing DOB with time, name, gender for Bazi Bonus tips
  • If you are the owner of the premise, the Year & Month of Shift-in.
  • If you are the tenant, the Year that your landlord did a major renovation or date of purchase

Payment Terms

Cheque payment is not accepted
Local payment: iBanking or Pay Now to mobile no: 9071 2121
Overseas: Paypal to my email account

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