2021 feng shui

2021 feng shui qi men dun jia

2021 feng shui – Year of Metal Ox 辛丑年 Based on Singapore longitude *true solar time 真太阳时 for Spring commencement for metal ox year 辛丑 is 03 Feb 2021 壬午日 around 10.19 pm (辛亥时). Babies born after this date &….

Period 9 confusion

Over the last 3 years i have received many enquiries regarding the confusion moving into period 9 feng shui i.e. after feb 2024. Most thought that they need to shift out from the house. This is untrue. Allow me to….

Earth blessings 旺五方

Feng Shui Earth Blessing  拜五方 Earth blessing (旺五方) is a Chinese ritual to perform before or after renovation to seek heavenly blessings on the house. This is a tradition and not found in any feng shui classical teachings. It is….


Testimonials and Reviews Home Feng Shui Master Chan’s Consultancy Experience was Terrific, Combination of Traditional and Modern Knowledge with the forces of Nature that is logical to the outsider/client to understand. A Well Experience Professional who is ethical and cares….

Bazi luck improvement

Bazi luck enhancement Bazi luck improvement is NOT finding out your lucky numbers or colour or wearing lucky charms. It is in-depth understanding of your personal birth (bazi) chart strengths & weaknesses, your future 10-year luck pillars 十年大运 in ZiPing….

11 Buying Tips for a lucky Feng Shui home

11 buying tips for a feng shui home Here are 11 basic feng shui buying tips to choose a lucky fengshui home.  First of all let’s be clear that buying a “good feng shui home” is not base on compatibility….

feng shui misconceptions

Feng Shui misconceptions Feng shui misconceptions got no place in today’s knowledge economy. At present we are able to print human organs or tissues with a 3D bio printer or manipulate our immune system to fight cancer. But it is….

Singapore Feng Shui

singapore feng shui

Feng Shui Singapore  i was told by my client that Singapore enjoy great prosperity due to the existence of “5 feng shui dragons”. Let’s verify with classical principles to see whether the statement about Singapre feng shui is true. First….

C section date selection

Caesarean Birth service (c section) When natural birth is not possible one is given a choice to choose a birth date and time for c-section, or cesarean section. The 7-10 days schedule given by your gynaecologist allow us to choose….

feng shui myths

15 Feng Shui Myths debunk These feng shui myths seem to stay on forever since i started doing feng shui for more than 20 years now. Most of us are well educated yet appalling feng shui theories sprung up like….

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